A Letter from Carmen

June 20, 2018
A Letter from Carmen

The Lie: You are too far gone; you can never come back.

She’s still there. That girl you used to know, that girl who you admired and loved?  She’s still there, inside of you.  That girl who was courageous, and fought for what she wanted.  That girl who was hopeful and generous with her love.  That girl who wanted the world and recklessly ran to see what was around the next corner.

She’s still there, inside you. You are never too far gone.  You are never dead inside.  It feels like that; it feels like there is nothing left of you.  But that’s just not true.  There is still an ember of your old self burning inside of you, right at this moment.  It’s that ember that got you to read this letter.  It’s that ember that puts doubt in your mind, or makes you question your circumstances, or makes you wonder if things could be different.

If you get free, if you free yourself, I promise you that ember will spark, and you will begin to burn again. And as that fire inside you grows, so will your strength and determination to stay free.  You can and will make it!  You will be free again, free to be yourself again!  You will again burn bright with passion and love and hope and all the things you once loved about yourself.  Only now you will burn brighter, and your light will shine out, and will touch other people’s lives.  And the things you loved about yourself will be intensified beyond what you can imagine. Once you’ve been through the deep dark places you’ve been, what you have in freedom is brilliant light.

The taste of freedom is breathtaking, and it is something you cannot fully appreciate unless you’ve been through darkness. So carry on friends, and don’t give up hope, instead give into the hope.  She’s still inside you, burning and yearning to be freed.  You are never too far gone, you can come back from this, and surpass your wildest dreams.  She’s still there.  Set her free.

The Truth: You still exist, somewhere deep inside yourself


I am a survivor of domestic abuse.

“I didn’t know that I was being abused because...

I am a survivor of domestic abuse.

“I didn’t know that I was being abused because my definition of abuse looked different. My husband pushed me, but most of my suffering was verbal and psychological. I left my husband to protect our young daughter. Almost immediately I felt the weight of his oppression begin to lift. I could see a difference in my daughter as well. Then he broke into my home and assaulted me in-front of her.

I sought help and was led to Safe Harbor. My daughter and I are in counseling now. I am sorting out the mess that abuse has caused. I am finding my voice and seeking opportunities to grow and better my life as well as my daughter's. She will gauge her self-worth from my own self-worth. I must show her that she deserves the best, by expecting the best for myself.

Many years I suffered in silence. By telling my story and being honest with friends and family, I am taking control of my life again.”

- Beth



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