Education & Outreach

Safe Harbor understands that domestic abuse is not a personal issue but rather, a community issue that requires education, prevention, and collaboration to solve. Through our continuous outreach and education efforts, we aim to raise awareness about the complexities of domestic abuse, as well as build partnerships with community allies to better reach those who need services.
Together, through outreach and education, we can influence a culture where all people feel safe and valued in their relationships.
Education & Outreach

Safe Harbor staff are available to discuss a range of topics - including domestic abuse education and information about our services - at speaking engagements, professional trainings/workshops, and awareness campaigns. If you're interested, please request a speakerPlease note that coordinating a speaking engagement takes time and we often cannot fulfill last-minute speaking requests. 

Our staff and volunteers are also available to distribute brochures, posters, and other outreach materials to your business and/or community event. If you're interested in receiving Safe Harbor materials, please email us at


Consider Donating 

Safe Harbor’s services are provided at no cost to our clients and our community because we want to serve with as few barriers as possible. While our services are free, Safe Harbor does incur costs for the services we offer. These costs include staff compensation and benefits, shelter maintenance, repair and operational costs, rent for our office spaces, office equipment and supplies, outreach materials and brochures, food, supplies and support for our shelter residents, and much more.   

When requesting a speaking engagement or educational program and making a donation is possible for you, please consider donating to Safe Harbor based on your ability to give. Here are some suggestions based on the costs of our outreach program:  

  • $25.75 = 250 brochures (this lasts about one month or what we send to a large organization requesting brochures) 

  • $140 = monthly “behind the scenes” cost for outreach program (subscriptions, program evaluation technology, cell phone/app costs) 

  • $161.65 = 100 tear-off posters plus mailing costs  

  • $210 = cost for an average speaking engagement (includes mileage reimbursement, staff time, and materials) 

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popular training & speaking engagement topics

  • Domestic Abuse 101
    • Learn about the complex dynamics of domestic abuse (including local and national statistics), barriers to leaving an abusive relationship, general safety planning tips, and Safe Harbor services. Length: 45 – 60 mins
  • Domestic Abuse & Trauma
    • Learn more about how trauma from domestic abuse differs from other traumas. Including what trauma responses might look like in survivors of domestic abuse and how to help support them. Length: additional 30 mins
  • Domestic Abuse & Substance Abuse
    • Gain knowledge about the intersections of substance abuse and domestic abuse. Including how service providers can be supportive to those in addiction services that are experiencing domestic abuse. Length: additional 30 mins
  • "In Her Shoes" Simulation
    • "In Her Shoes" is an interactive simulation in which participants "walk in the shoes" of someone facing abuse from their intimate partner and learn about the difficult decisions and barriers survivors face. Following the simulation, a Safe Harbor facilitator will lead a debriefing session in which participants can discuss and share their thoughts and insights. Length: additional 1 hr – 1.5 hrs

  • How to Respond to Someone Experiencing Abuse
    • Knowing how to help a victim of domestic abuse can be difficult. Whether you are a faith leader, HR professional or dedicated community member, it is important to respond to someone who is experiencing abuse in a trauma-informed way. Safe Harbor can provide best practices for responding to someone who discloses intimate partner abuse or who you suspect may be experiencing abuse from their partner. Information can also be shared that is geared for faith communities/faith leaders who want to be supportive to people experiencing abuse. Length: additional 30 mins

  • Safety Planning
    • Creating a safety plan is an important step for a survivors to take. A safety plan will look different for each person, depending on their specific circumstances, resources, or concerns. We can share resources for creating a safety plan, as well as helpful safety tips to consider. Length: additional 15 mins
  • Teen Dating Violence
    • Domestic abuse doesn’t only effect those who are married, or living together. 33% of teens experience harm in relationships, this conversation focuses on the similarities and differences that are experienced by youth and teens. Additional information about red flags in youth specifically, as well as how parents and other youth influencers can start the conversation. Length: additional 30 – 45 mins.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Want to learn more about how to get involved with Safe Harbor’s mission and vision? Do you have a group from your church, organization, or business that could complete shelter projects? Our volunteer coordinator can come and meet with you to share our current needs, and find the best fit for your group. Length: 10 - 15 mins
  • Healthcare Professionals
    • A healthcare professional may be the first person in a survivor's life to recognize warning signs of abuse and refer them to life-saving resources. It is essential for healthcare professionals to understand the dynamics and warning signs of domestic abuse. A Safe Harbor speaker can provide screening suggestions, information about our services, and other relevant information Length: 1 – 1.5 hours
    Helpful Resources for Healthcare Professionals:
  • Tabling Events
    • Having a health fair or community event? Safe Harbor staff will provide information to attendees about services, domestic abuse, and how the community can get involved. Length: dependent on the needs of the event
  • Safe Harbor Services
    • Safe Harbor offers a continuum of services to survivors of domestic abuse and their children. We will cover all aspects of services and how survivors can easily access them. If your group has more specific questions about certain programs, we can also ask a team member from that program to join the discussion. Length: 15 – 30 mins
  • Fundraising and Donations

    If you are hosting a fundraiser or making a donation, a member of Safe Harbor’s development team can come and speak with your group about the impact of your gift. We will also cover basic domestic abuse statistics and provide an overview of Safe Harbor’s services in our community. Length: 5 – 10 minutes

  • Other Options
    • Please let us know if you have other topics related to domestic abuse that you would like for us to discuss.

Watch Recorded speaking engagements and outreach activities

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