Business Resource Affinity Groups

How to Start a Group

To start a new Business Resource Group staff can submit the Proposal Form below to propose a new group, once they have 3 interested members.

To be recognized as a business resource group by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, the group must have the following: 

One lead; one co-lead 
Must have at least 3 total members 
Defined purpose and goals 
Leadership roles, responsibilities, and terms of office 
Membership Information 
Programs, initiatives, and activities 

If you are interested in creating or being part of a new group, and do not have 3 interested members, please email Anna Spatafora ( with your group idea to be shared with staff.  

Active Groups:

To join a group, click on the group name to complete a New Member Welcome Form.

There are no active groups at this time. 

Proposed Groups Seeking members 

The following groups are seeking staff members who are interested in beginning a group. If you're interested in joining any of these groups, please Email Anna.

Proposed groups are:

Survivors and Child Witnesses of Domestic Violence



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