share your being & becoming journey

Each day is a journey for survivors, as they take courageous steps toward healing, hope and defining a new life with a new norm. Survival is a state of intentional being. Being true to yourself as you honor you, being true to your loved ones, and being true to the mission of helping others along the way. 

Being & Becoming is a journey. Each journey is different and every journey is purposeful.

This campaign highlights how survival and healing occur in the form of a journey and embraces the differences in everyone's path to healing. It helps shed the myth that healing is linear, and validates life's inevitable ups and downs. Being & Becoming is human, honest, and inspiring.

We invite you to submit your own Being & Becoming journey with us so we can share on our blog and social media pages. 

as a survivor, who or what are you intentionally being? and who or what are you intentionally becoming?

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