A Space to Heal

A Space to Heal

November 13th 2021 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Join us at A Space to Heal! 

A Space to Heal is a day of dialogue, advocacy, and movement created for Black Indigenous and People of Color within the Upstate area to address the personal impact of racial injustice within the South. This event is hosted by The Hive Community Circle in partnership with Safe Harbor and Safe Seen Supported. 

Join us on Saturday, November 13th at 10 AM 

Attend virtual healing circle individually, or host a small group! 

As a response to the injustice and violence experienced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-The Hive Community Circle (The Hive) in collaboration with Safe Seen Supported will be holding its first healing circle for the Upstate area.

While our society is in a state of racial crisis, A Space to Heal serves as one component on how our communities can move forward through healing and reconciliation.

The healing circles will offer space and perspective to BIPOC participants via dialogue to explore what feeling safe, seen, and supported means to them as individuals and to re-imagine an existence where those three conditions are consistently present in concert with one another.

The 2.5-hour healing circle will provide culturally relevant questioning and experiences through creative movement practices to encourage participants to consider what healing and liberation looks like for themselves.

A resource box will be provided to all participants and given that the event is virtual breaks have been built in. Please note that attendance for this event must be from participants who reside in the Upstate area.



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